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purple_girl1016 , 02 May 2012

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I've been picking and tweezing at my face for about 5 years. I do not have acne, but i cannot help but find spots (that probably dont exist) on my face to squeeze and scab. i dont have any magnified mirrors in my house anymore, but am still having trouble spending time in the bathroom mirrors.. Here's my question.. Has anyone had success in finding ways to get out of the mirror?? I feel like i've tried everything! I dont want to go another day with scabby skin :( im ready to move on from my CSP...
2 Answers
May 02, 2012
Have you tried putting a timer in your bathroom.? You put the time for 5 to 15 minutes no more than that when it rings you get out. I started that not long ago and it seem to be working so far:)
May 03, 2012
the only way for me to be safe is to live in a house without mirrors... which is difficult if you live with other people. I once had this very cheap plastic mirror, which was very cloudy and I couldnt see the detail on my face. It was like looking into a polished silver plate. It was enough to do my make-up and check my hair, but I couldnt pick or squeeze in it. I threw all other mirrors. It really really worked. Then I moved and there were mirrors everywhere in the new place...

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