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stoppickingpls , 03 May 2012

Picking FEET

HI ALL, I pick the soles of my feet. It started with a blister that had crusted over that i began to pick and has now otten out of control. I didn;t realise i had a problem until i began to tell my husband i would stop and realised i couldn't. I pick stips off my feet and they becoe sore and tender. I wear socks at all time to protect my feet and wake up nearly every morning unable to walk. As i wake up and hobble i ask myself why i do this to myself. I don;t want to hurt myself (i don;t think) but its a compulsion i have to make all the skin even. Could be a perfectionism quality gone very wrong. I often do this picking while reading a book, watching tv or studying. My feet are so yucky that i wear closed shoes always and am unable to start yoga classes ( i really want to start) because i would be horrified for people to see my feet. Surprisingly i have always loved my feet and thought them pretty. So why am i destroying them? I am glad in a way to find out that many other people are suffering from similar issues. I felt very unusual.
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Silver Girl
May 05, 2012
Silver Girl I think the perfectionism thing is bang on. I put my feet in a foot bath with warmish water and emoillient. It helps whiten up my feet and it physically stops me picking them if only for a while. I hope this helps. But you are not alone. I could have written this comment myself! Much love xx

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