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ray , 04 May 2012

to biotin, or to not biotin...

while i do realize biotin is not a verb, i couldnt think of a catchier subject title. I havent picked my face in about a month now, and seriously, not touching your face does wonders all by itself. BUT- i also recently started taking biotin in hopes of further strengthening my skin. well, i started breaking out around my jaw (i never break out there) and just couldnt figure out why... for some reason today, i linked the possibility of my biotin pills to the sudden breakout. im going to stop taking them and keep updating this forum every day. I spent a good couple of hours today reading people's reaction to taking biotin and 9 times out of 10, someone had a horrible break out- including those who had never had a break out in their lives..
2 Answers
May 05, 2012
ok so yesterday i did not take any thats the first day of me off of it. no new breakouts as of yet. but, i did burn myself with tea tree oil. so thats fun. dont put too much on one spot multiple times. lesson learned. a lot of moisturizer will cure it though, ive burned myself once before with it. moisturizers and bandaids are a recovering dermamaniacs best friends.
May 06, 2012
2nd day of no biotin, and honestly the only issue im dealing with on my face is my burn from the tea tree oil.. i dont think it was just the tea tree oil that burned my skin, but a combo of 3% benzoyl AND tea tree. NEVER AGAIN. no new breakouts though.

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