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arexantor , 05 May 2012

Finals... Stress Scars...

Anyone else in college, dying of stress and procrastinating the worst way possible--complete destruction of the tiniest bump or dent in your skin? Last night I pulled an all-nighter with some vyvanse, still didn't get the 15 pages done, and I look like toy soldiers just engaged in trench warfare on the battleground of my body. I have work again tonight, but I just don't want to go to the restaurant looking like I robbed the make-up store... Any advice for non-picking stress relief? Ways to get through finals and the stress of turning in late term papers without retreating to trancepicking and perpetuating the stesspick cycle? Thanks guys, best of luck. Remember, we are beautiful, and we only get one skin each--don't support abuse, especially not from ourselves. I just imagine myself ten years from now being like, "Damn girl, I never said you could destroy my body and leave this for me!" Picking now is like abusing the person I will become... but I still can't help it, I want to stop so badly! Solidarity <3

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