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Ocayma , 06 May 2012

How to Tell Your Parents

I've had dermatillomania for over four years now, and I think that recently I've gotten it more under control. I still have issues with it, but it's not as severe as it used to be. However, I haven't ever told my parents about my condition, partially because I'm afraid they'll discount it as not a real condition. Do you think that it's necessary to tell my parents if I think it's not as out of control as before? Another aspect that's difficult is the feeling that I have that I'm keeping something from my parents and that they don't really understand me. Does anyone have any advice on telling others about your condition? It would really be appreciated.
2 Answers
May 06, 2012
hey, ive thought a lot about this issue as well.. I've never wanted to tell my family until i had it under control. My mood and confidence is largely based on how my skin looks on any given day, so there'd be times when i'd love to hang out with my family, but i was too embarrassed, so id make up some shitty excuse as to why i had to stay in my room... I've gone a month without picking, but I'm going to wait a little longer until I'm more confident to tell them whats really been going on with me. I definitely think telling your parents would help them better understand you, I also think they'll be appreciative of you letting them in on something so major in your life. I've never told anyone about my condition, it wasnt even until about a month ago that I admitted to myself I had this problem. I think when you start letting people you care about become a part of your recovery, you yourself get stronger in the process. so whenever you get the confidence, I'm sure telling your parents will do nothing but benefit you.
May 06, 2012
Hey! :) I told my mom about this- she knows i pick but she thinks its only my nails. She does not realize how bad it is. When she sees the injuries she asks what happened? i just ignore it. I told her about it and it has a name but she was just like its a nervous habit! She does not care. I asked her if i could get a stress ball to try to distract my hands and she was like your stressed? i am like no and she is like why would you want one. She is not supportive at all either! Good luck telling your parents :) Hope they help you.

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