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poorsadgirl01 , 06 May 2012

skin lightner/ scar fader to have scar free skin :)!

Anyone try ambi mark corrector ? 10$ from drugstore ? Any other creams you tried ? Advice please :)
4 Answers
May 09, 2012
I have never tried the product you mentioned, but I may have to give it a shot! I have had success with calamine lotion and vitamin e oil. Both are very cheap and you can find them at almost any drug/grocery store. I use them interchangeably, but not together. I have also used neosporin. I have also considered using mederma. I have heard good things about it too. Good luck and I hope this helps!
May 09, 2012
I have never tried that but I have used the positively radiant skin brightening moisturizer and it def faded my marks!! Highly recommend it. I use it 3 times a day when I'm trying to conceal spots as it unintentionally works well as a concealer too!
May 09, 2012
I have done a lot of research on ambi mark correcteor and it is supposed to be one of the very best out there, despite countless high-priced items that are available. The problem for me is that I haven't been able to find it anywhere actually. I did see it on amazon however and you can get it in bulk as well. They have formulas for different skin types as well ie) oily/normal/and maybe sensitive. Good luck!
May 09, 2012
I personally have tried to use palmers cocoa butter and that works really well it just takes a month or 2 to see them get lighter....i recently bought this stuff called bio-oil from cvs....its really expensive but i saw a difference on my face in almost a week but i put it on frequently.Ive tried that ambi stuff and it didnt really work. I used it for like 3 or 4 months and i didnt see a difference.... hope that helps:)

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