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farahrara , 07 May 2012

Dermatillomania or something aka skin picking.I need mega help and advise please! its getting worse!!!! :'(

no OCD can beat mine mine is actually physically putting off and disgusting to look at i pick the skin n small bumps on my face and keep gnawing at the until they turn into scabs and keep picking at those and then pick pick pick pick pick nonstop till they bleed i have tried everything to kick the habit but i guess my family have just learnt to live with it i guess i just slap on the make up on my face when i leave the house and i never leave the house without my foundation just in case i need to top it up later it is proven to be stress related- i used to see a psychologist at the hospital through the NHS but i decided to stop going one day i dont know what to do i am scared it will get so bad one day that i wont even have the courage or the will power to leave my bedroom let alone the house :'( i also have sensitive emotional problems any small little comment can trigger strong feelings inside and i have to fight with all my might to stop the tears from rolling down my face i hold it as long as i can and then find a spot all alone like a bathroom and lock myself in to have a quick cry, a quick pick and a quick make up touch up the smallest thing can also trigger anger and tears which builds up hate in my heart but i dont know how to stop things getting to me dont even suggest a stress ball coz it doesnt work! i jus wanna be alone all the time...
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May 07, 2012
I pick. I asked my dermatologist and he suggested I talk to my PCP about anti-anxiety medication, but I don't like that idea. I have read this forum off and on, and the best idea I have seen is to put Bio-Oil (a brand-name oil that you can find in many drugstores and CostCo). I keep that around, and, when I catch myself, and *remember to do it*, I put some Bio-Oil on any place I find myself picking. It does help. Before my job got cut in half, I used to get fiberglass nails at a nail salon, because they were too thick for me to be able to pick. I chose fiberglass over acrylic because acrylic would break off too easily and then I would start picking again without even thinking. (The fiberglass nails are more expensive than acrylic, but they last longer (about 6 -8 weeks in my experience). I miss that time, because my hands were beautiful. This evening, I just saw a suggestion on a plastic surgery site, to use bacitracin on the places you've been picking at - it makes it too slippery to pick at. (I don't know about that. If you are like me, you just well might find another place to pick at, i.e, I would have to slather my hands from the wrists to the fingers with the stuff -- I will probably try this one, however) Meanwhile, I have been trying to catch myself at picking and stop then. That is hard. I talk back (just let me finish this one), but, maybe, it is beginning to work a little bit (I hope). Good luck to you. M

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