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destroyx , 16 May 2012

What is working to get rid of my acne and helps me not pick

SKIN TIPS I'll just go through my routine thats been working for me for the past 2 months. I actually don't have ANY acne right now while typing this literally no pimples. Morning: -A little bit of foaming cleanser/make up remover in one - moisturizer with broad spectrum sunscreen -Tons of mineral make-up that has spf 15 Night -Alot of foaming cleanser/make-up remover in one -anti-wrinkle cream that has Retinol in it This has gotten rid of my acne and I can even see my scars starting to fade on my face. The one thing I think has been really helping though is EXCERCISING. I have a treadmill and walk- I don't even jog or run just walk for 30 minutes every other day and lift 5 pounds weights while I'm walking. As long as you find some way to sweat it'll help your skin so much. NOT PICKING TIPS -Wear tons of make up so you don't want to touch your face during the day and ruin it -Wear clothes that cover your skin that means long sleeves and pants I do this even in hot weather -Cut your nails to the nub so it's hard to use them -Get something soft to feel. I have a really soft stuffed animal I'm 21 and it looks crazy but at night it works because idk the softness calms me down. Maybe petting a cat or dog will help too. This is whats been helping me.

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