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MysteriousSunshine , 20 May 2012

Products that have worked for you...

I am curious about what others have tried (cleansers, lotions, vitamins, topical ointment, make-up, activities etc.) that have worked for you. My struggles with dermatillomania go back at least 20 years and I have likely tried every acne product on the market. Prior to my 2006 wedding, I finally broke down and ordered the Proactiv system. My skin is not oily all over, more combination. Breakouts seem to be based around hormonal changes for the most part though. The Proactiv was the first product where I actually saw results. It was a huge relief as our wedding approached. Thankfully, on our wedding day my skin was clear and glowing. One of my biggest concerns was having a huge picking session prior and feeling stressed an anxious about my skin on the big day! During the years following, I have tried other products instead of Proactiv. My skin simply blew up into a mess of blemishes and then the picking started again. This issue has caused me to miss work multiple times, special events and otherwise as I have been too embarrassed to leave the house because of my disgusting, disfigured face. Last month, was particularly a bad one. Again, I took a break from Proactiv and tried the Simple skincare line. It did not work at all for me!!! Now, back on the Proactiv, I saw results within a week. Other than that, I use Physician's Formula make-up and take a multitude of vitamins (multi's, Omega 3 and B's) to hopefully improve my skin even further. My diet is fairly good - try to eat a balance diet. Very little red meat (unless organic), no regular milk. I have found that dairy especially causes immediate breakouts therefore, I have switched to coconut or almond milk. I am interested in hearing about what other products members of this forum recommend. Wishing you all the best of luck in successfully conquering this issue. We can do it together! :)

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