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chicadeedee , 21 May 2012

Picking my fingers ..and other disorders I have - OCD - ANOREXIA - BPD - BODY DISMORTH

I have picked my hands since I was probably 8 .. 14 years of picking .. I have coco brown skin and so it is very prominent in appearance. I have been called * TWO TONE * because of the discol of my fingers. I know exactly how I started picking , I wer in the bathroom and found my Fathers razor. I ran my thumb over the blades and sliced of skin and flesh. My Mother put a band aid over it and as it began to heal it itched. So I would pull off the band aid and pick the skin. Then .. the Anxiety and BPD and OCD from aged 8 .. it was incredibly severe ,, picking was like sucking my thumb .. but better. And so I suffer from allot of emotional stress and picking is my way of release and comfort. I do not smoke , touch drugs or drink booze. I have been drunk once and the experience has put me off for life. Under UV lights my fingers glow and its shameful when I am asked what UV cream I am using .. I want this to stop. I used to pick my ears till they wer red raw and bled. That has stopped. I do not bite my nails .. I just pick my skin til it bleeds. Has anyone else found they have other bad habbits also in relation to PICKING??

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