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West , 23 May 2012

2 days straight. The worst I have ever done to myself

I can't leave the house. I have mutiliated my self so badly. my face. my stomach, which hurts so bad and is no pusy. I also tore the shit out of my vagina. I literally look I have a STD now. I want to leave my house, but I do not want anybody to see me. I just started dating someone I have been with him a little over a month now. I am gonna have to stay away until my scars heal. My index finger litterally hurts from the picking. My back hurts from being hunched over from 2 days of picking.
2 Answers
May 23, 2012
Hi West. I can so relate with your situation. At this point, it's time for the healing process to begin. Be kind to yourself and treat your skin gently. I suggest applying Neosporin to the raw areas and then just let nature take its course and heal them up. Before you know it, you'll be back on track again; I truly wish you a speedy recovery. Please know that you have a lot of support, including myself, on these boards. Take care.

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