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L2012 , 24 May 2012

Is there always a root or a cause?

I've read that some people started picking after being abused or experiencing other traumatic events. I've seen a couple of psychs and counsellors about my picking condition and they have all tried to get to the bottom of what happened to me when I started picking. I've got no idea! I thought I was just another slightly self conscious and stressed teenager with some acne. I squeezed some pimples - a little more than my peers - and before I knew it, my picking and squeezing had developed into a habit. Is there always an event or experience that causes a person to start picking?
2 Answers
May 24, 2012
I feel the same way I as well can not pinpoint a reason why I started. I do remember the first time I went ape shit on my face. I had gotten home from Tea Kwon Do and I got up real close to my face and noticed I had a lot of black heads. well I squezzed the crap out of it. I remember having a disgusting thrill and achievment to it. Since then I have always seen my nose as hiding ground for the black heads. I can swear now my nose is no longer straight because I am always pushing on it.

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