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LoveBunnies , 25 May 2012

I just learned it has a name today.

For the past few years I would use my fingers and just pull skin off the bottom my feet to the point of bleeding. I didn't know why I did it and didn't really think it was a big deal. Nobody sees the bottom of your feet so I continued to do it. I was at a friends house who has a hair pulling disorder and saw a paper about it on the counter. On the top in bold it said "Hair Pulling and Skin Picking" I read it and thought, "That sounds like me." So I looked it up on the internet at home. I suffer from sever anxiety and reading this website I do more things than I even noticed! I pick scabs too and I bit the skin off my fingers and eat it. ew that sounds nasty but it's true. I am 13, my mom doesn't know about this and I kinda want to tell her now but I'm scared to for no reason. I also don't have $30 just to learn how to stop this. Please help me!
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May 25, 2012
To lovebunnies, your mum may not be as unaware as you think, if you open up and share with her you may find that she was just waiting for the right opening to discuss it with you. It will take courage, and you know that you will feel so much better once yo have have a chat with your Mum. Who may be able to help with getting the $30. You sound like a great kid- and I'm sure you are often told good things about yourself - now would be a good time to start believing them- and start being kind to yourself, too. Please don't continue hurting yourself or you could end up like me- 60 years old with scars that will never go away

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