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sunshinefunk , 26 May 2012

First thing in the morning

The first thing I do is touch my face when I wake up and look for new or old bumps. Then I have to go to the mirror and go in for a closer look, squeezing and popping anything that I can. I realize I just slept for six or seven hours and my skin is trying to heal itself, but I feel the need to help my pores along. Grr, so frustrating! Just venting on this post instead of hanging out in the bathroom.
1 Answer
May 27, 2012
I do exactly the same thing. A lot if healing goes on when we're asleep and our skin is finally left alone to try and help itself without us interfering in things. As soon as I wake up I head straight to the mirror to check this healing out but I always think I can go a better job of healing it so start messing and picking what my skin has carefully tried to sort our overnight. Very difficult to stop this and to resist. Good idea coming on here to post or read instead. I'm trying to come on here whenever I get urge to pick abs hoping the urge will pass then. Good luck. Vix

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