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VABBY22 , 30 May 2012

Morning Pages - The Writing Diet to help our habits

Hi All, This is something I have been doing for a short while now and it has been incredibly helpful to me and I think that the area I am most being helped in with this is skin picking. I have been healing over the last year and I slowly go on and off between no picking to picking and then again to no picking. I have been scratching and picking tiny little areas lately- nothing huge or scarring to my face which is good, but I am still having issues and it is making me lose my mind. I was feeling so strong and when I am having these bad weeks I feel very low, diminished and confused as to why I am unable to keep up my good behavior of not picking. Things have really been great for me lately so I can't complain too much, but my issue is definitely still present. I am a holistic nutrition student and Health Coach so I come across some really wonderful things all of the time in regards to healthy living, etc and this one is a gem. It is called Morning Pages- This is part of Julia Cameron's The Writing Diet and it is AMAZING therapy. This is all you need to do: get a journal that you like and is easy to write long hand in. I just have a simple regular sized notebook that you would use for school and what you will do is get up about 45 minutes to an hour early every morning when your mind is living in-between its subconscious and conscious mind. This is a time of day when your creative mind is open and when you spill some of these thoughts on paper incredible things can happen. I know it sounds awful to wake up earlier but trust me this is worth it! This is essentially a three page long (no longer than 3 pages) hand written journal of your thoughts, and yes, they can be anything. I am sure you all can guess what a lot of my writing is about- skin picking and my skin. I began a new relationship with my skin a while ago and I am needing to keep this a beneficial striving relationship without the abuse of picking so I definitely talk about this a lot. Morning Pages can be things as simple as this: "I am awake but I am tired. I am awake but I have a headache. I am awake and all I can think about is my skin. I went straight to the mirror this morning and already scratched my face. It's now more red. Was this choice worth it? I forgot to transfer money yesterday. I am really upset with how the last conversation with my mother went..." and so on and on. What you may find is that you will release a lot of anger or sadness among other emotions. This is key. Don't feel that you are doing them wrong, there is no wrong way to do these. This not only has been shown to help people be more creative in their lives, but also can help people lose weight, release poor habits and find new important parts of life opposed to things we used to focus on. I encourage anyone who is going through any of these aliments to do this exercise. It is absolutely incredible. I will be writing more about this on my blog as well, and if anyone is interested in what I have done for my skin picking, the products I use, and the foods I eat, please check out I would absolutely love to connect with any of you even further. Our skin does heal itself, and it can take care of itself, we all are just learning how to allow it to do this. :) So much love to you all, Vanessa

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