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edwardette_fin… , 01 Jun 2012


Yes, I am a picker. 12 years. Way more than half my life. I'm 16. Ever since I found out about this disorder, I have been looking for people to relate to... This website, Google and Tumblr has plenty of people just like me, better and worse. OK. I GET IT. You don't know how to stop.. I don't either! Can we relate faster and get to the solutions and answers and assistance for each other now?? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I am not alone but come on... Let's actually do something that we all will actually benefit from physically! My prom is in two years. I don't want to have to cover myself up in fear of other peoples view. I want to show my body off because I have been covered up too long. Help me find my wings so I can finally soar like a butterfly out the coccoon!!!

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