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mcar , 03 Jun 2012

Did I Cause Permanent Damage to My Nose?

WOW - I am so happy that I found this website. I never realized that so many other people had my same "bad habits" - nor did I realize that it really is a form of OCD! Along with picking and biting the skin on my thumbs, peeling my heels until they bleed and constant picking at my face, I have also been compulsively squeezing the blackheads on my nose for about 20 years now. It's been almost 2 months now that I've noticed that my nose has become thickened in certain areas and has and underlying redness that WILL NOT GO AWAY! I'm terrified that I did some kind of permanent tissue damage from all of the squeezing. I went to the dermatologist and was given a prescription to treat "rosecea acne", but I didn't tell her about my non-stop picking at the appointment. I called back a few days later and confessed to the picking and I now I have to see a specialist to find out what is going on as she said the "thickening is rare" although doubtful that I caused it myself. Wondering if anything like this has happened to anyone else? I also caused melasma (also known as pregnancy mask) on my forehead from years of picking at it, too. Does anyone else suffer from this? I don't know how to get rid of it?! I am ruining my face and yet still have a hard time stopping. :(
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June 14, 2012
I have huge pores, so I am constantly producing and and picking my blackheads. My nose is thick...somewhat bulbous. I have pot-marks and discolorarion on my face. My heels are currently "scratched" looking from the tearing off of large pieces of skin. I rarely go out. Even my husband has called me is awful.

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