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kcantwell , 04 Jun 2012

Possible cure

Look - There is a possible way to stop your compulsion in a short period of time that costs you nothing now or ever - except for a little time. I will tell you about a mental exercise that has worked for most who tried it. I'm not going to describe it here because it is somewhat complicated. But if you e-mail me at, I will tell you about it and you can try it. I am an individual, not connected with any academic or commercial organization. So let's hear from you and get started with an exercise that could change your life. I post this message from time to time on this site and most of those who have responded and followed the instructions as prescribed have been successful in their desire to quit these annoying and frequently destructive picking compulsions. So e-mail me. And in one week you will have made significant progress in stopping your compulsion.
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June 04, 2012
this sounds like spam to me. if this is not spam, please post the mental exercise that has worked for most who have tried it. this is a forum to offer help for all of those that seek help. =) kim
June 05, 2012

In reply to by kimberly

kcantwell I understand your concern. I have posted the procedure to this site before. Sept 26, 2011, (page 25 in the archive). I repeat below what I posted then. Although the procedure appears easy, getting started is somewhat challenging. That's why I like the participants to correspond with me. I am able to encourage them and answer their questions. The experience so far: Of the twenty five participants who completed the process and communicated with me, there were 15 complete successes (a complete cessation of the compulsion), 5 partial successes (a significant reduction in the compulsion), and 5 failures. I do not know whether or not the failures performed the procedure as prescribed, but I have to assume they did. And so, Kimberly, I hope and others you will e-mail me. We can discuss whatever you would like. The earlier posting: Following is the reply I send to those who answer my above post: "Thanks for responding. I understand the problem. I was a finger picker for many years. Couldn't stop. New Year's resolutions worked for a couple days, no longer. Will power was successful sometimes for a couple hours. Nothing seemed to help. Then suddenly it stopped. I will begin you on the same course that has been successful for many others in addition to myself. I discovered this procedure quite by accident while performing a mental exercise that I developed for an entirely different reason. Suddenly my compulsion to pick stopped and I realized that it was the mental exercise that brought about the change. And so, let me describe the procedure and you can get started. Choose some reading material that is not to complex. Newspaper or magazine articles or popular novels work well. Choose a mantra. I use "I know what I'm doing." Voice your mantra distinctly and aloud over and over without stopping. And at the same time, read your selection. You will discover that words you know do not seem to register their meaning. That is because you are blocking the normal pathways to cognizance by voicing the mantra. Read the words or sentences repeatedly until the meaning does become clear. When that happens, and it does fairly quickly, you will have established new or broadened pathways to cognizance. It is this enhancement of the pathways to cognizance that relieves the compulsion. You must perform the exercise for at least twenty minutes in the morning, do a couple of one or two minute follow-ups during the course of the day, and then ten minutes before bed. Within a week or less you should notice a significant reduction in your compulsion, possibly even its abolishment. Now listen. This is a form of self therapy, and as in all therapies, there is resistance. You will find yourself making excuses not to do the exercise. " It's too hard." No, it's not. It's easy. "It takes too much time." No. It doesn't. Less that an hour a day for a week. It costs too much. "No, it's free." So do this: E-mail me each day after you have done the exercise. Tell me how you feel. Other participants have reported that they feel more relaxed and in better control of themselves. I will answer any questions you have and tell you about others who participated. And so, , start tomorrow morning. I will look for your e-mail. Good luck Ken " My participants have included finger pickers, face pickers, body pickers, fingernail biters, and feet pickers. There have been many and nearly all have been cured. I invite your participation. You can post your results to this site, but I ask that you refrain from posting until you have complied with the procedure as prescribed for one week. I also welcome your e-mails at any time. I repeat - I am an individual, not connected with any organization. editreply.

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