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picktoomuch , 05 Jun 2012


I found this site about a year ago. Did some reading but left it at that and sorta forgot about it. I think I just wasn't ready to face the problem. I'm a 31 year old wife and mother and have been compulsively picking since I was 5 or 6 years old, basically, as long as I can remember. I will turn the smallest mosquito bite or whitehead into a huge sore. Sometimes I'll get it under control but I go through these really awful phases were I'll have 3-5 sores going at once; like I do right now. I consider myself "attractive," nice olive completion, but for some reason I completely pick apart my face. My face seems to be my "go to" area but no part of my body is sacred. I have a lump in my throat right now! I hate that I do this to myself. I'm completely destroying my face yet, I can't stop. I hate having scabs and I love to pick. It's a horrible combination! If I feel a scab I have to pick it off. I will do it when I'm feeling stressed or anxious. I'll mindlessly do it while watching TV (my husband has started to call me out when I do this) and I'll "tweak" out in front of the mirror when I'm bored. I'll even use tweezers to make sure the whole scab has been removed. Gross, right? Right now I'm staying home with my youngest, giving me entirely way too much time to pick myself apart. Literally. Within the last year I discovered that I develop Dermatofibroma. Basically, I pick so much my body is producing extra scar tissue (at least that's the way I understand it) But it gives me even more to pick and pull at. I'll use tweezers and pull the nodules out. It's gross! And even though I know if I pick a sore too much that this will happen, I still can't stop picking. I really need to get a grip on this. I'm so ready to take control. Enough is enough. Well, now you know more about me than my husband and closest friends. But dang it felt good to get that out.
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June 05, 2012
Hmm. After reading another thread I think I'm wrong about the dermatofibroma.

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