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got2stop , 08 Jun 2012

Progress Update

Nearly 2 months ago I made my first post on this forum. I had just had one of my worst picking sessions ever, making a complete mess of my face after attacking a spot that wasn't really that bad. I was at my lowest, my confidence at rock bottom, not wanting to go out or face anyone, just hide away until all the redness and swelling subsided. Finding this forum was a real turning point for me. At last I felt I wasn't alone anymore and I could put a name to my condition. I could draw inspiration and hope from others on here to finally put an end to the misery and shame I was causing myself. This for me was the beginning of the end. With pure willpower, and the help of a self-hypnosis CD, plus the kindness and support of my very understanding partner, I am finally starting to break the cycle that was taking over my life. There have been times where I have relapsed, but each time has taught me that what I was doing was wrong, so I have left well alone, and therefore healed quicker. I still get spots, and of course they make me feel a bit self-conscious but I realise now that things would be a whole lot worse if I messed with them. I just look back at my first post on here to remind me of that. What I want to say to everyone on here is there is hope. I never thought I would get out of this habit, but with each day that passes is another day that I haven't picked, and for that I am truly proud of myself. I hope that I can inspire some of you in your journey to recovery.

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