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myusernamehere , 11 Jun 2012

Ideas to quit? Please join in!

I pick my face all the time. I am bothered at school by other kids, I am embarassed when people stare and ask what's wrong with my face. But today my face is starting to heal, and I'm in a postitve mood, so I feel like brainstorming a plan to stop picking, even if it is temporary. I have had many relapses, and when I am almost better I feel great! But when I start picking again, I become angry at myself and pick more. Maybe if I give myself a strict plan to follow, I won't pick anymore and keep myself in check. My ideas to stop are based on my specific case, like when and where I pick, so it probably will differ for you. But if some of these ideas could help you, please use them! :) So here are my ideas: (1) Keep my hands busy. Start knitting or sewing, or anything to keep my hands preoccupied. (2) Avoid staying in front of the mirror for too long (thats where I pick the most) (3) Get a stress ball (see idea 1) (4) Keep a record of my picking (journal/pictures/both) (5) Use acne medicine (i tend to pick pimples and scabs) If anyone else has more ideas, please contribute!!
2 Answers
June 11, 2012
1) Keep tweezers in a separate spot then the bathroom. And, only do "normal" plucking (eyebrows) in a mirror in your living room or other main area where a family member might be. 2) Close your eyes and fold your hands when you are sitting to use the restroom. DO NOT LOOK OR FEEL AT ANY BUMPS ON YOUR LEGS. 3) Exfoliate and moisturize. Take more showers if you need to, and when you get the urge to pick or pluck, get some cream or oil and smooth it on instead.
June 11, 2012
1) I try to make my picking sessions as unpleasent as I can! For ex. I ask my boyfriend (or a friend / family member) to be next to me / talk to me, while I'm in the bathroom. (I used to pick only when I was alone, so that's quite a change!) I let myself pick my face, but talking to someone helps me to concentrate on that person, not on picking. 2) I try to avoid getting that "high" from picking. So I try to get it somewhere else: sports, playing games, listening to music, dancing etc. Find another, helthier "addiction"! 3) I try to remind myself that picking is actually ok, but not when you're scrathing your face to open wounds. Let yourself pick, but do it wisely. Try not to fall in that trance-like-presence. If you relapse, don't blame yourself or cry over it. I've read that relapses are actually important phases in this whole recovery project. Hope this helped! :-)

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