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iheartink , 11 Jun 2012

summertime blues

So it's summer and I hate it. I think this may end up being a rant and I'm sorry. I was in wall mart recently.and I loaded my stuff on the belt all cat related items and as handing her the money she immediately looks at my arms and asks if I have puppies?! At first I was a little confused then realized she was still looking at my arms! So I'm like uh no I don't have puppies! She's like oh it looks like something tore you up. I was so frustrated. Do you make a comment. On everyone who has something wrong with them?! I could have easily harassed her as to why she was wearing gloves . Maybe that's why I got a little satisfaction out of pinching her hand through her gloves. I just wish people had more respect not to ask that way. I wish people could learn to be more considerate. Anyway sorry end rant.

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