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Andrijana , 12 Jun 2012

Sun and scabs?!

I'll spend 11 days on a beach and I need some advices and tips about protecting my skin from gefting more freckles and spots (and maby safe covering my wounds). I would like to get that nice bronze tan without extra damaging that wounds. I have 10 days more to let my wounds heal (maby also some tips for faster healing). I have them on my face, shoulders and back. Please write anything you think could be helpful. Sorry for my English.
2 Answers
June 12, 2012
If you have 10 days for your skin to get sorted, then that's a good number of days for them to all heal if left alone and eventually the scabs should fall off themselves on the 10th day perhaps. I heard that '10' is the magic number for the number of days for scabs to fully heal. When I get a scab, I apply Sudocrem which is for nappy rashes and other skin problems. It is cheap and can be found in the UK. I'm not sure if you might have an alternative product for this. It calms the skin and helps soften the scab and heal under it. Skin usually heals a lot quicker with Sudocrem, such as in 5 days instead of 10. My best advice when your out in the sun, YOU MUST wear lots of sunscreen. On your face and body. A low SPF such as 15, might be able to give you a tan through this. If you don't protect yourself from sunscreen, your pigmentation of freckles and spots would worsen which means they will get darker.

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