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potatoes , 12 Jun 2012

Organic List That Helps Problem Skin and Scars

REAL LEMON JUICE OR CUCUMBER JUICE: Cut a slice, rub on to skin or cotton wool and apply. Sensitive to sunlight so make sure to wear sunscreen afterwards. Should lighten scars, eliminate spots, smooths and brightens the skin and also speeds up healing. URINE: Although this sounds really gross (I've not yet tried it) I did a lot of research on this and apparently it really works! People have said their skin has never looked any better. Apparently morning urine works the best. OLIVE OIL: What the Romans used to live by and bathe in. Doesn't clogs the pores, keeps skin supple and helps the overall appearance of scars.
1 Answer
June 13, 2012
Thanks for posting! I've heard that urine is really good also but you're not meant to use it if you are on medication as traces of the drug will be present. x

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