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kimberly , 14 Jun 2012

Habit Reversal Therapy

Hello everyone, I am wondering if any of you have tried Habit Reversal Therapy? If you did, did it it help? I am asking because my 5yr old picks at her finger tips (has been doing these for about 1 yr. now) and I am concerned that this habit is going to only get worse if I don't take her in to see a therapist. Right now, I have her wear her cotton gloves at all times (except when she eats and goes to the bathroom of course) but the minute she takes them off, I notice she will starts fidling with her finger tips and if I let her go longer with out the gloves, she'll start to pick at them....arghhh! I notice that if she has a hangnail, that is when she goes at it. I also think it is related to OCD? I noticed that when she plays with her toys, she aligns them in a certain way, it is not extreme, but it is there. This journey is stressful for me and it makes my anxiety go up as well. Sorry for rambling.

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