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Kaitylin , 15 Jun 2012

Scars + beach = HELP!!!

Hey guys! So this is my first post, and I do intend on doing a "My story" post, however I need help ASAP. So I've had a big problem with picking at ingrown hairs, razor burns and acasional acne bums on my legs (mostly my thighs). I'm very skinny so ive never had a problem with the look of my legs till now. They are all red or purple, and on top of thati get cold easy so when I'm cold they get a purple/black color!!!!!! I have done a TON or research and someof the things i saw to use was lemon juice, shay butter, honny, baking soda, and stuff like that. However I feel I need real opinions from people on how well a product works, how to use it how long it takes (a big one) and just help to lighten them fast-speedy-quick-NOW. I'm going to the beach Tomarrow and if there is anything I can put on tonight and or when im sleeping. Also, how will the sun and water help or effect my scars? Please please help. I'm 16 and I've had a couple of what I can only describe as an anxiety attack from the feer of showing my blotchy legs in public. I woul be so greatful. ~kaitylin

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