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kate , 18 Jun 2012

Suggestions and Support!

Dear all, First I would like to thank each and everyone of you for helping me with suggestions, and even just the support of knowing that others are out there like me! I have troubles with my face, chest and back. I just graduated high school, and hope to be clear by september. I would like to suggest some things that worked for me, and maybe if others could reply with other suggestions that would be great!....... Things that have helped me: 1. Aquaphor (Cream thicker than vaseline, aprox. $26, Dermatologist recommend)........ 2. Penaten (Contains Zinc Oxide, $10+, other wise known as baby butt cream)........ 3. Erase Paste! (Concealer, Amazing, Covers everything, at sephora at about $28, expensive but lasts forever)........ 4. Gloves (any cheap winter gloves or cotton gloves from spa stores)........ 5. Have a person talk to you in shower or other trouble areas (Free!)........ 6. Tegaderm Film (Clear bandaids, Used on burn victims at hospitals, good to cover freshly healed spots)...... 7. Advanced Healing BandAids from Band Aid Brand ($5ish, heals almost any spot in 3 days, magic!)...... 8. Rocky Mountain Body Butter in De-oderant container! ($5-10, allows cream to go on without looking or feeling skin)........ 9. MEDICATION! (I dont mean to sound crazy, but i love my drugs.. Im on prozac, zoloft, and vyvance (for ADD) and 2 sleeping pills. Sounds ridiculous but they help me so much!).......... 10. Therapy (although i have not found one super helpful as of yet. New phycologist tomorrow, wish me luck!)......... Anyway I hope these help! If anyone has any other ideas or helpful hints, that would be so great to see them. ....... Im going to test out the Tria skin blue laser, Ive heard good things about its ability to stop spots before they appear.

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