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destroyx , 19 Jun 2012

Make up and Summer with Scars :(

I have n't have to buy all new makeup every three months and it really kills my pockets. I dont have much acne anymore but I do have really bad scarring like marks all over my face. Now that it's summer it sweats off and I have to reapply it at least once everyday. How do you guys deal with it? Does anyone else hide their face like me??
2 Answers
June 19, 2012
I completely understand what you mean. I hate going outside to swim or play sports with my friends and feeling so embarassed about the quality of my skin that I apply nasty, cake makeup to feel better (even though we all know it doesn't look any better). What I have done is saved to buy a treatment instead of makeup, and the investment has been WELL worth it. I'm one of those people who completely denies any kind of acne system because "it never worked". Well for me, the reason it never worked is because I would pick my skin before I'd let it work. Anyway, now that I've gotten better about picking, I use this: They also have an acne-scar healing lotion set that I'm sure is good, but I haven't tried it, to be honest. Mederma also has a scar treatment I used when I was younger for an injury on my leg, the scar isn't even there anymore! This is available at walmart & is cheaper then the Murad stuff. The important thing for us to remember is that it doesn't matter what other people think we look like. The people who matter won't care & the people who care, don't matter. What matters is how we view ourselves. If the scarring is permanent, realize that your most beautiful self becomes who you choose to be. It's a reflection of your inner beauty unto the world. But I hope that these options (if you try them) work for you :) Good luck & have a scar-free, makeup-free summer!! :)
December 17, 2012
Not really. Until its a function, my original face is good. You should try leaving these cosmetics for sometime at least and see the effect. For me condition gets better when I am off bareface without makeup.

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