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Linzipinzi , 25 Jun 2012

How to explain Dermatillomania to my 9 year old?

My nine year old son sometimes catches me picking at my skin and is aware of how damaged my skin is getting. He asks me why I do this and wants me to stop! How do I explain to my son why I do this?
3 Answers
June 26, 2012
man that would be hard! the only things i would suggest are to do it somewhere a bit more private- like in the bathroom with the door locked or when he is at school. this is a childrens book i found to explain skin picking - the dragon who pulled her scales, google it and u should find a lonk to it, i cant post the link it wont let me
June 26, 2012
sorry that book is actually about trichitillomania but there are a lot of similar factors in the reasons behind them both
June 27, 2012
Thank you. I pick in private but sometimes he comes and catches me. It's very embarrassing. He wonders why I do this and asks questions and I tell him it's a bad habit and I know I shouldn't do this but I can't help it. I know one day he will understand...

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