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hOpeful4bettaDayz. , 20 Dec 2008

Hey have you guys heard of Scar Revision Surgery??

Well i have been thinking now for a while that there are certain parts of my skin that i just wont stop picking at! Wether its because i dont like the way its healed or i feel like there's something inside that just wont come out! idk.. There are parts that have healed nicely and i have left alone. But other parts that i just cant stop obsessing about! One small one on my right cheek and like 3 on my Left one. So i heard of this procedure called scar revision and what they do is they remove a certain part of your skin and stitch you back up in a certain way that will make the scar less noticable.. Now, this is my OCD talking cuz more then the scar removed, what i want removed is that certain part of skin that i just wont leave alone, i know im gonna have a scar left anyways but i feel like if its surgically removed, ill stop messing with it. Cuz right now its impossible to leave alone! Now, i already went to see a surgeon about this and he said i dont need this procedure! That if i just stop messing with it, it'll heal nicely. Well duhhh, but thats just not gonna be the case. i dont know if i sound crazy, what do you think??

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