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tsrwalker , 25 Jun 2012

scab picking

I have been picking since I was a kid..I don't really remember when it started. I do know that it calms me down. It hurts after when the sores start to bleed but while I am picking it is like I go in a trance and I don't feel the pain at all. In my mind it is like I am helping the sore heal faster if I pull of the scab, eventhough I know the opposite is true. I want to stop so bad. I mostly pick my face, arms and my pelvic area. I hate the way they look. I sometimes use twezzers, not on my face but on my pelvic area. I bite my nails too so I have to use a lot of effort when I pick. I have been on prozac before and it didn't work. I have thought about behavorial therapy and in the past I had a referrel to a mental health clinic, but I never went. I have decided that the only way to make it stop is to find out why I am doing it in the first place. To figure out what emotion I am masking. I am going to start a picking journal where whenever I am about to pick I write what I am thinking and feeling. Then I will try to distract my hands with something else tell the urge passes. Hopefully this works I will post later on my success or faliure

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