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squeezepickscar , 26 Jun 2012

does anyone else do this??

I'm a newbie here and i read through many of the forum threads and posts and noticed that no one else has mentioned the two things i do the most: picking at my toenails- sometimes i just rip them completely out. the other thing i do is tweeze my underarm hairs, i get really bad ingrown hairs after shaving so i have to dig the hair out, often cutting the skin then i can pull the hair out. i substituted the underarm tweezing for picking my arms because its easier to hide and feels just as good as picking. does anyone else do this?? also i have found that when i do pick at my face or anywhere else, afterwards or before going to sleep i get cotton wool and soak it with tea tree oil and wipe any area ive picked and it stops it from getting infected and heals much faster, sometimes there is no evidence of picking the next day(depends on how much i picked at a particular area) also i've found proactiv a huge help preventing zits so my face stays clear and i dont have anything to pick.
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