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Passypass , 27 Jun 2012

Scalp/acne/scab picking

Good Evening, I am just trying to get as much info on this rigjt now. I am currently in the marine corps been in for 12yrs, over this time i have over 900 days of deployed time. After my last deployment i was diagnosed with severe depression, ptsd, anxiety and adhd. I did 10 weeks of ptsd conosilng and everything seemed to grt better, was able be around people again, go places, but during this i started picking at my arms slowly, not eveing knowing i was doing it till saw blood on my nails. Brought it up to my psychologist there and she was saying its like someone that cuts themsekves or someone thay pulls out there hair. There is a feeling of relief. I have recently moved to nc to my new duty station, the psychiatrist i am seeing here(three different ones i have went thru) only say to wear long sleeve shirts and use calmine lotion, anti-itch pills or cream. I have repeatedly told them nothing itches, its the bump or scab i feel. Im trying to see does everyone have these problems to get help or is it hopeless to receive help from them and should i just try to figure this out myself? Its bsd, my arm's are and back are scared pretty bad witb sores thathavent healed in months. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Meds im on right now.... 30mg of adderall;40mg prozac;1mg klonipin;ambian now to. , Thank you for your time, Passypass

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