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hOpeful4bettaDayz. , 21 Dec 2008

Does anyone have instant messaging ??

So we can connect better??
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December 26, 2008
for the first time in 30 years i realise that i am not alone..jipeeee. but and i actually hate that word but, i must now face facts.. i am a compulsive picker. my latest scab picking has been going on for 3 months .. literally every day. catch 22 .. i can not wait for the scabs to heal.. but he next day i can not wait to scratch the new skin off , lick the blood and eat the scabs. i cover the scabs with loads of mkeup the next day and do my hai r so you wont see the scabs on my forehead or by my ear. yes and dressing in summer with looong sleeves i have become accusomed to. i fear that anybody would see my scabs when my makeup job rubs off while greeting somebody or while geting dressed. it is uncanny how intelligent i am , but this fucking low self esteem thing is getting e really down. no realtionship , no beach holiday etc etc. however i believe things will get better like they do... but can only imagine to be free of this disorder......

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