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Linzipinzi , 28 Jun 2012

I hate mosquitos!!!!

Anyone else paranoid about mosquitos because when they bite your face, you are tempted to pinch and squeeze the bump? I hate it, I got a big mosquito bite on my cheek, I tried to leave it alone but then I got the tweezers yesterday and broke it open and squeezed it but of course nothing came out because it was not a pimple. Now I have the big scab on my cheek. I wish I would just leave these bites alone, but I hate having bumps on my skin!
1 Answer
June 28, 2012
for some reason i dont really get bit ! but a week or so ago a got a big mosquito bite on the side of my butt and i could not stop itching it ! it got bigger and redder and i hated it. my face is the only place i mess with now, everywhere else is supposed to be perfect. its like when i cut my leg when i shave. or get a bruise. i get so mad at myself ! i just want to be flawless. but anyways, i put a whole bunch of neosporin (the cream kind) and 3 bandaids on it before bed one night, and in the morning it was a lot better. the neosporin was soothing and of course when i got up the bandaids didnt really stay on (that is a wierd place to wear a bandaid), but it was a little smaller and the bump was flatter, less inflamed, and the itching had died down big time. try it !

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