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potatoes , 03 Jul 2012

Causes of repeat picking

I have posted a few previous topics in the past on this forum about helping others when I feel the most confident about myself therefore being able to apply the same advice on others. But sometimes, regretfully I don't stick to my word and change on my beauty regime to how I feel. For the last two weeks, I felt most good about myself and not thinking about my skin when I have enjoyed being out, eating healthily to boost my energy, liking the way I looked and more likely, if I knew I had a plan or ready to head out for the day which makes me motivated to get myself cleaned, washed and looking my best. I've been working out the real reason why I may suddenly repeat with picking. I think because I tend to overlook the previous days when I feel I made a lot of effort to just appear normally attractive (which to me, being pretty is important to represent myself and something I feel I need to keep ongoing on a public basis) which is a task to take on everyday. I suppose the events I've been to in the last two weeks, is like leaving a short term memory of me to the people I met in public where I've looked the best and most confident of myself, which is something to keep up with just to appear as if skin picking has never been a problem to me in the first place and to appear like a "whole person". I maybe feel it is stressful to me to keep up seeming I am naturally pretty and matching a personality to the way I look and dress. Especially, I seem to be the only reassurance to confirm on the way I look and sometimes I guess I would like to be complimented time to time. Even though I've had worst days in the past with my face picking, these days I am able to quickly apply make-up and head out the door. And I suppose I get fed up time after time, that I don't get as much attention as I would like to. Putting looks aside, I work on trying to be charismatic, natural, and interesting but I feel perhaps frustrated, that I still don't have the ideal personality to win people over. I do have a bf, and friends with guys and girls, but at times feel like I don't "fit" the picture. With so many films/movies and photography out there that puts females in this romantic perception of lust and desire or "fucked up" girls but even that's considered ok because they are seen as pretty people. I also can have a terrible narcissistic streak at times when I've made the effort to look good but nobody to show it, so I like to take photos of myself and update it as a new profile picture on fb. I would constantly sometimes look at them back and forth to how good I looked. But I still feel unnoticed and I'm trying to work on my personality too; integrity, passion and kindness. Although sometimes in reality, when I feel I look good, somebody would take a photo of me and I get disappointed that it doesn't fit in that "ideal picture". When I was younger, I used to fantasise about a guy being in love with me. I know it sounds silly but I guess actually opening my eyes to real life and its experiences that it was not meant to be for me. I've heard about my previous bfs and all their obsessions about a certain someone and their unrequited love. I suppose I pick because I've never encountered how to make them feel exactly what these girls have done. With their natural beauty, laid back attitudes, rebellious attitudes and great conversationalist - something I'm just assuming from the photos I've seen of them and what people have said. This had always bugged me and it can make me feel so uncertain of myself.

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