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Scarredforlife , 22 Dec 2008

I just found out I'm not alone!!

I have been picking and eating scabs since I was 5 years old. I was physically and sexually abused as a child. What really started my problem was a infestation of fleas and misquitoes in the summer and the itching and picking made me feel in control of what hurt and get rid of the imperfection on my body.. I've been doing it ever since. As a teenager I kept getting remarks of how badly my legs were scarred and had to start telling people I'm highly allergic to bug bites and scar easily. I reduced the picking on my legs because I was scared I would never be found attractived and started picking my back and shoulders... My legs have healed some, but I still pick them, and now my shoulders are horribly scarred, but people don't comment on my back as much so I guess it's ok. Again, I tell them I scar easily from bites... I am awed by women with scarless bodies and wish I could be like that... but I can't stop. I can't help this over-powering urge to "erase" any skin imperfection.. if I run my hand over my arm or leg or any reason I have to pick whatever blemish is there. I do this to my husband too, even when we're making love, if my fingers find a blemish I will start picking and totally ruin the mood... I can't help it... I'm so glad to find this site to see I'm not alone and that there is actually a name for this compulsion!
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December 23, 2008
I feel exactly the same way. Everything from being self-conscious about my scars and making up stories about mosquito bites, to the urge to pick or pop other people's blemishes. I am so ashamed of it and I am shocked (but a little relieved) that anyone feels the way i do. thanks for sharing your story.

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