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scholeseye , 09 Jul 2012

My account and new hope

Hi All, I just found this forum after a new acquaintance/friend of mine found my finger picking curious and 'googled' for it and found the terms 'wolf-biter', 'dermatophagia', etc. for this type of habit. I came to this website via Google, and not to sound cliched but I am surprised that this disorder does exist with others. I am 27 and have been picking my finger for don't know how long (must be 8 or so). My parents used to bite nails but gave up on it when I was much younger, but the preventive measures I have taken over the years haven't really worked. I bite skin off all my fingers. My thumbs, index and middle finger are completely screwed around the nails as skin growth there is completely obliterated by my continuous picking. I have reached levels till I see blood, and then stop, wait for skin to grow and then resume again. I am looking to finally cure this disorder of mine, and think I have landed at the right place for such a discussion. I plan to look up a few doctors in my area (Northern CAL) and see if I can get started with some sort of treatment. Any input from others here, will be helpful. In the meantime, I also plan to peruse this forum to see how others have been going around treating themselves. Hoping for a miracle!!! Cheers
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July 28, 2012
scholeseye, Have you tried wearing gloves? I know its summer and all, and I also know that once people like us are determined to do something.... WE DO IT. I would suggest either gloves, or putting some kind of healing ointment on your fingers where you pick at the skin so if you use your mouth at all the bad taste will remind you to pull away. If you don't use your mouth, you can always cut your nails supper short, and hide any tools including tweezers that can be used to pick at your skin. Use a calender or something to mark off how many days you go without picking, and reward yourself. Once you go a few days, you should be proud enough to not want to break it. I hope you find something that works for you. Best of luck!

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