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Roseslegacy , 10 Jul 2012

Im scared.

I just realized that you guys have been struggling with it your whole lives and i do too. Sometimes i find myself pulling off my nails, or sometimes its my calluses. I just need to stop. People are noticing. I am afraid to get into a pool. Im afraid to wear sandals no matter how hot it is. I dread anything like a pimple, cause i know i'll over do it. I know i'll make it bleed. Im so stressed making this post now, that i have pulled off a square inch on my toe. It doesn't hurt. I just feel ashamed and proud at the same time. That i;'ve hid it for this long, and ..... Im sorry. :'(
3 Answers
July 10, 2012
You're not alone although it often feels that way. I've been struggling lately because I've picked at my legs a lot lately and I am embarrassed to wear shorts. People never (or rather, rarely) will say anything about my face, but legs seem to be fair game for people to say "oh my gosh! What happened to your legs?"
July 12, 2012
It's ok. We all need to stop. I believe we can somehow. It'll be hard. Hard as anxiety to get rid of, but as long as we work at it there's hope that we will stop, isn't there? I think you're kind of like me, in that being told skin picking is a disorder makes me even more anxious and stressed and, well, makes me pick. And I thought how on Earth can I offer any encouragements to anyone when I don't even know what I'm doing. I'll confess I went and prayed and I feel like God said "cast your anxieties onto me" Because he wants to take them from us. After all a lot of skin picking stems from anxiety, at least it does for me all the time. I think God's just waiting to help the skin pickers like us. I don't know if this will help you, but it helped me so I wanted to share. You aren't alone, my friend. It's scary, but you're never alone.

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