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pineapple , 12 Jul 2012

I pledge to stop picking, and post my progress here every day

I have had bad acne for years, and I have been picking at my skin for years. A few months ago, I started oral doxycycline, and it is quite helpful. I still get some pimples. Unfortunately, all the destructive attention that I used to spread around is now focused on the few remaining pimples, and I just destroy them. I need to stop. I have tried to stop several times in the past, but I need to be accountable to someone other than myself. I will be accountable to you. I will post here every day with my progress, and if I slack off then you should yell at me. I hope this is an acceptable use of the forum, if not I apologize and I will find accountability somewhere else. Suggestions would be appreciated, in that instance. Strategies: 1. Wear a rubber band around each wrist, pick at it instead of my skin. 2. If I catch myself picking, stop immediately. Log it on my phone, and feel shame about it. Wish me luck. Thanks for reading.
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July 12, 2012
ill keep an eye on you ! (: i have a progress thread also, there are some suggestions in there that have helped me out a lot, maybe they would work for you too ! good luck (: ill be checking up on you

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