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LisaMessingUp , 13 Jul 2012

Please! Raw, red and scabbing! How do i make it heal faster?? My job is at stake I'm so mad at myself!

I hate this horrible compulsion! My skin used to be so pretty cause though ive always been a picker, it didnt ever get out of control until the last couple years. but after a few really bad sessions i now have ugly scars and bad acne for the first time in my life! It's so dirty and counter productive and is ruining my body and my life! I just tell myself, "Lisa stop! Stop! Last one!" but i dont stop. even when im getting nothing, breaking the skin, hurting.. Im early 20's, student living on my own and barely getting by. i can only get low entry jobs that i usually hate and eventually lose so i really survive off my looks and charm but theres nothing good looking or cute about scabs on my back arms and even face! I just got this job dancing at a really chill strip bar and im supposed to start saturday! im a freak! i cant afford to be out of commision a long time oh please oh please oh please, does anyone know any miracle fast healing techniques and makeup products that could smooth and cover? i am desperate!! would new skin, that liquid bandaid stuff work?
2 Answers
July 19, 2012
For open wounds, I use cortizone 10. (which can be found at a store in the bandaid section) for scars, I would suggest Neutrogena healthy skin (liquid makeup foundation/cover up) which is in the makeup part o the store, of course. Good luck with your job! :)
July 19, 2012
From the sound of things, I think you really need to look into mental health counseling. (And it's nothing to be ashamed of!) It took no time at all for me to find all of the NEGATIVE self talk in your post. For example: "I CAN'T stop.", "I'm BARELY getting by.", "I get only LOW ENTRY jobs...that I usually HATE." "I'm a FREAK." "I'm DESPERATE." Negative self talk is one of the most destructive forces behind anxiety related illness such as skin picking. Every time you have a negative thought about yourself, the mind and body takes it 100% LITERALLY! So, if you constantly tell yourself that you're a freak who can't stop picking...guess absolutely will not stop picking! There is no "miracle product" to cure anxiety / skin picking. Be advised that while anti-anxiety drugs may SUPPRESS symptoms they will NEVER treat the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. Save your money on makeup and liquid band-aids and spend it on a mental health professional trained with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Remember, you're not alone and you're not crazy. Take CARE of yourself.

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