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VodkaMargarine , 14 Jul 2012

i need to admit i have a problem

Hello everyone i feel the need to post because i think i may have a problem and i cant really talk to anyone about it as i see it as a habit not a condition. I have been picking my skin / hair for roughtly 15 years now and i dont even know im doing it. its so bad that in 2000 i had both big toe nails removed as they kept ingrowing and getting infected (self inflicted) The nails hardly grow back (they are little stubs) and i take great pleasure at picking at the nails and the skin - today has come to a head where i have picked so much i have actually picked my whole nail on my left toe off. (i felt good but now i feel guilty) i have also moved onto the toe next to my big toe and it so sore and i keep getting infections and pick to the point of bleeding. I use tweezers, nail clippers, anything i can get my hands on. Thats not all, i like to pull the end of my hair off, best description really is when you pull the ends to remove the split ends? i take massive clumps and just rip the ends off Both of these are done everyday, the hair in public and the feet when i get home. However i have noticed in recent weeks it has been getting a lot worse. I dont want to go to my GP as i dont want him thinking that im a hypocondrac or that im wasting his time? Ive suffered from depression for a long time and even though im on medication (which i dont think is working anymore) i have only been offered CBT in a group session. (Which i find didnt help at all) In also have issues with food, but thats a story for another day but im struggling to get my head around all of this. thank you to those who are reading this, i just needed somewhere to get this off of my chest.
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July 14, 2012
I hope you feel better now that you've talked about it. I've also been picking for about 15 yrs but I've talked to a few people about it during that time. Do you think you could go to a GP that you've never seen before, just so it feels a bit more anonymous?
October 07, 2015

by VodkaMargarine
picking my skin / hair
dont want to go to my GP
depression for a long time
issues with food
get this off of my chest.

hapnes nowes??
14 Jul, 2012 > 7 oct 015 ?

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