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tiredoftrying , 15 Jul 2012

So tired of fighting the obsession & the constant bad skin that results from picking!

How long have you actually been able to 100% stop picking? As long as new clogged pores & pimples are popping up on my face, I feel like I will never be able to give up picking. So tired of having crusty, gross, scabby skin.
3 Answers
little miss shy
July 15, 2012
Me to I do this to my face and fingers I am dermained to stop this. Makes me so down and I have no cofindence to start with I'm 24 and feel like this is holding me back as I'm so withdrawn. I'm attending an excercise class with my friends tomorrow I read that it helps take away any negative thoughts and stops you thinking about picking. Ah it is so depressing isn't it?
July 15, 2012

In reply to by little miss shy

I feel the exact same way. I'm 23. Everyone else I see has normal skin. I feel like at the age I am right now, it's just time to stop. I start a job soon and crusty skin & scabs aren't really a good look for a professional. Just tired of hiding my face with hats & makeup. Would love to be able to wake up in the morning and feel free to go about my day without enslavement to makeup & my looks. It is depressing..but I am just going to focus on one day at a time. Not picking, even for a day, is so freeing. We can do this. Thanks for the comment!
b amber
July 22, 2012
I am new here and thought today i was going online to see if there's anyone like me.Ahh there is.I have Dermatolmania(i dont know if i spelled that right)I am glad there is a name for it.I have been doing the face picking for 16 years, and anywhere else i can find a pimple,and nail biting my whole life, and recently also started pulling tiny hairs off my legs with tweezers.When i go in that mirror i spend a good hour, and No One is to interrupt me.I am glad but sad i have found a name for my sick obsession.I am glad because im not alone and sad because now i know i have issues to address.I am 30 years young, and people have often made comments behind my back about my nasty soars on my head that i would try to hide with loads of cover up.I have chilled since then, but i still do it and moved on to other picking areas since than.I always here people say your so pretty why do you do that to your face? I didnt know why.I just knew it was a release like i won something or maybe a victory like ha got you I WON!! I even made up a skin condition to cover up some soars.well it was a real condition but i didnt have it. I have avoided going out when i have really had a pick fest.I hope we can all help each other because i need help! I admire all of you for coming on here and telling the real ugly truth of this.God bless you guys! and your stories have helped me feel im not alone.

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