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Kaitylin , 15 Jul 2012

My story. + Starting my progress.

Hello. This is my first real post and PERMANENT start twords healing and ending my scabs and scars. Thank you for listening. I believe the start of my compulsion was in 5th grade. (As a child I always picked at little scratches but this is when it became an issue.) I had gotten a mosquito-bite on the top of my head and naturally it itched. Also my mom had told me to scrub it good to get all the dirt off it. To me this ment "scrub the life out of it with your shampoo". So I got a scab. I contined to pick. It stayed for months and months until my mom took a picture of it and gave it to me. A sticky red mess with flakes of scalp and an extream lack of hair had formed at the pick zone. I knew it had to stop. So in 6th grade I occupied myself with something new. My hangnails. I'd pick and gnaw until they were seaping with blood. Even my teacher expressed her concern to my mother. I pick at my fingers much much less now, especially in the summer when judgmental classmates and tough assignments aren't making me nervous. But going into freshman year is when my current problem started. At cheer camp we had no air conditioning so I was sweating 24/7. Ii got home from camp and noticed a bump on the back of my thigh. It looked like a pimple so I tryed to pop it. It seemed to work so I searched for more. I popped any bump I saw and picked out any ingrown hair that crossed my path. Then it was only a few but then I'd find more bumps along with the old scabs and then scabs turned in to scars and it was a vicious cycle. It got better for a while but as of the last few months it's gotten bad! It will start to get better but then I'll rip them up again! It's humiliating and painful and it has to end! I'm tracking my progress here every day and if I do pick I'll add a short explanation / observation as to what drove to to do it, so hopefully I can nip the underlying cause in the butt! I'm a pretty 16 year old girl who can't take it any more and is committing to ending this damaging habit. And advice to get rid of scabs/scars, stop temptation or just to stay strong and proud would be greatly appreciated. :)
3 Answers
July 15, 2012
You're not alone. I hope you find it helpful to share and reflect on your progress. It has helped me a lot. Reading about other people's successes, ideas and experiences is also helpful and interesting. It's just nice to be able to relate to others because this condition can be so isolating.
July 15, 2012

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Exactly. I ve noticed my siter picking at the eczema at her arms and now she has big scars. It's even hard for me to find a way to tell her to stop because I know it's embarrassing and frustrating when someone says it to you.
July 19, 2012
Got a simular situation going on! I'm almost 15 and have been picking for less than a year and have already started to get scars on my arms from the picking:/ ... But I decided that I need to will myself to stop because I am the one doing this to myself and now it is slowly but surely getting better(: Best advice: Don't even look at the bumps because once you see them, you'll want to pick. Also, make sure you use a moisturizer for your skin it will definitely help. I have cheer camp for my JV team in a couple weeks and my goal is to not pick until then. Our camp uniforms are sleeveless and everyone will see my hideous arms... So i'm trying to break this habit before it gets any worse than it already is. Hang in there, and best of luck!(:

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