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potoperson , 16 Jul 2012

I think I can I think I can...

Hello. My name is Jade. I am eighteen years old and am from the Chicago land area, and the skin on my arms have dark splotches from the scabs that finally healed and the red scabs that are still hot spots for picking. I've always known that picking was a bad habit. My mother's told me before that I'm destroying my body. I don't want to destroy what God gave me. But I'm an anxious lass from an anxious family and I lack the self control so much that I just figured there wasn't much I could do to stop, cos I know I'd keep doing it. I"m ashamed of it, and yet not embarrassed by it either. I do pick in public, so that's not a barrier between me and attacking my skin whenever I get a wee bit anxious. (No, I have no English or Irish accent naturally, though I do love to try to master them) I never realized till maybe a year or two ago that skin picking was an actual "thing" when I saw a wikipedia article on this and thought, "Wow, this really is a thing" Now, after visiting this site I know I'm really not alone. I've seen so many stories about people who've just decided that they aren't going to pick and then really done it that it makes me think, well gee, what's stopping me? I keep thinking about the Bible saying that if you have enough faith you can say to a mountain "go throw yourself into the sea" and it'll do it. God's helped me throw one mountain in my life into the sea, and I think that this is my next mountain.

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