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ButterflyVerge… , 17 Jul 2012

Poem of picking-pain - I think many of you can relate to my words. Love.

TEAR APART THE BEAUTY, UNLEASH THE LIGHT Just do things that make you happy she says Don't be so hard on yourself she says Sounds like a n&adoflse $as#uior disorder they say Let's try you on this medication they say Find love and kindness within she says Try yoga and meditation he says If only it were that simple I say But is it? If only I could tear myself away from myself I say But I can't seem to If only I could stop before it gets so bad I am disfigured I say If only it never started at all... I say But when DID this actually start I ask Not 3 months ago Not 3 years ago I am doing just fine today I say Then BAM like lightning everything changes in a flash And it hurts like hell When did this start And how can I stop Hurting myself Physically punishing myself Just do things that make you happy She says And I love her for saying that because somewhere deep down I know she's right

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