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icanstop , 17 Jul 2012

my progress, kp and face skin picker:/

Hello, I've been picking at my skin at varying levels since a small child that I can remember. I pick at acne, kp on arms and legs and any "imperfection" I can find while examining my skin. I have been trying to stop since I started getting made fun of in elementary school. At one point I thought if I picked my whole body then id be one big scar and my skin would be smooth again. right?? nooooooo I have stopped picking before by wearing long sleeved shirts all the time, but that is really hard to do in the summer. I am getting married in less than 2 weeks and really want clear skin. I am down to mainly surface picking on arms at the moment. a few days ago I really messed up my chin, but I am refusing to touch it so it will heal soon. I am really doing my best and hope that by being on here it will keep me accountable. I stayed up online last night for 4 hours reading forums about kp, and compulsive skin picking balling my eyes out because of what I do and what my skin looks like now. I feel like I can stop though and conquer this. I know I can!:)
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July 18, 2012
Even though I am new to this whole world, I really admire your confidence. You are going to be beautiful on you're wedding, no matter how many scars you have. And I know you are beautiful now. :) stay strong, I know how much it distress it causes to have a blemish on your skin and not pick. Wishing you good health and a happy, healthy marriage. :)
July 18, 2012
Thank you so much for your kind words it means a lot to have support. Today has been good, only picked at a couple scabs on my face in hopes it would make them better and pooped one zit on arm.... grr when will I learn!! I have scheduled a chemical peel for Monday so I have to not touch them and then my face will feel really smooth:)
July 24, 2012
So I went on a trip this weekend to Biloxi with my girlfriends for a bachelorette trip. It was a god send because I dont pick around other people and I didnt have a chance to thankfully. I scrapped off a few scabs which I wish I hadnt since they will take more time to heal. I have a problem with feeling my face for bumps all the time... Today I went and got eyelashes done and a chemical peel to help my face get better and in hopes it would make me feel good and not pick but it is not working. My face is the worst its been in about a year with pimples and I know its because of stress. I liked someone elses 24hrs at a time comitment but I think 12hrs at a time is all I can do right now. So anxious and just want to stand in front of the mirror sooo bad but I know it will just look awful afterwards if I do so I wont. No more mirror tonight and I might need gloves so I dont touch my face.
July 24, 2012

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So glad to see you're checking in here, icantstop. Thats a great first step. As for taking things an hour at a time, that's also a great idea. I use aspects of 12 step programs to help keep picking and anxiety and depression at bay and an hour at a time is one of their suggestions when things are hard going. Maybe you can keep a journal here during this pre wedding time and try to log in once an hour? We'd love to follow your progress and chime in about our own hourly struggles. (Mine are always at night, after coming home from the day and "relaxing" before bed). Anyway, hang in there! It sounds like you're fighting the good fight!
July 24, 2012
Heres my 12hr check in:) I did good last night after my last post. I scratched at a few spots but nothing majior, no blood, and no sessions, so I call that a success. I have to say my arms look the best they have been in awhile which makes me really happy since my dress is strapless and I want them to look good in photos. My face is looking better than yesterday so the peel worked really well. Heres to 12 more hours! Going to paint my nails and pick them off like skreed:) if I have wet nails theres no way ill touch my face! lol
July 25, 2012
Not to much to report ive been too busy to even think about picking:) its a great day!
July 31, 2012
The wedding went great and the ocean water helped heal any wounds I had so my skin looked great:) since then I have all these bites from my toes to my forehead, back, arms, legs, and they itch really bad. I have fake nails on now so I cant pick or scratch to much and we stopped at walgreens to get some anti itch meds. On our way to the airport to go on honeymoon so I wont be able to post for a week. Good luck everyone!!
September 05, 2012
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September 20, 2013
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