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someone , 23 Dec 2008

Im thirteen and im so happy that im not alone!

Man im so happy im not alone, i just found this site today and i finally found someone to share it with. Im only thirteen and i have been picking since grade 3! I didn't take it that seriously until now. When I was in grade 7 i started to cover my hands by wearing long sleeve, but later on i coulnt wear caprise either. My legs are even worse. Now I will be soon meeting my Sychiatrist for the very first time, and im a little scared. I had first spoken about it with my skin docter, alone, in a room. I started crying heavily, think about it, a thriteen year old. Some how i still keep strong, so strong. I am one of the smartest students in three schools, i have been selected to go to various confrences and I have the mind of a 24 year old. Think of it as a joke but these are the qualities of a person like me has. Im somehow very strong but still very week at the smae time. It's not that bad but it will take like ten years for these scabs and crars to heal. It's hard for parents to understand these days, especially when your parents are immigrants. They think of values and thats it. The doctor is first sending me to Sick Childrens hospital and then to a hospital for people who do drugs! It will be scary because its kind of like rehab for a kid. I'll be walking past people who have probably been to jail doing drugs and so forth. But I just wish nothing happens, somethimes I wonder why I dont have cancer as yeat, god forbid. God forbid such things happening to any of us. I want advice from all you adults out there, adults who understand! Thankyou.

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