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Orange , 19 Jul 2012

Does everyone have similar stories?

I pick at my nails and when I was little I used to get the little pieces of skin by my nails and peel that off, then, I would bite off the skin around the edges of my nails and I still do pick at my nails and toenails and bite the skin. When i get bugbites I scratch and scratch and then they become scars. When I was about 5 or 6, mom and dad called me into their room and told me to stop picking at my scabs. I still did it. This might seem weird but when I get bored, nervous, excited, stuff like that, I take a piece of skin from the inside of my lip an bite it off. Sometimes they are big chunks and other times small little ones. Also in the winter I pick at my chapped lips. I've got acne and i pick at that occasionally. Ive managed to control this somewhat. When I have spilt ends, I take a little bunch of hair, look at the ends for spilt ends, and peel them apart. Whenever I start to pick at the nails my sister gets annoyed so much. Also... My grandpa used to pick at his nails and chew his tongue alot. I've heard this skin picking is hereditary. I'm fourteen and I wouldn't want to deal with this the rest of my life. I feel embarassed to tell my mom and dad. Thank you so much!!! Comment :)
3 Answers
July 19, 2012
I still pick at the skin next to my toenails on each foot. And my cuticles as well. It is when I am upset, scared, frustrated,, and/or have no control over a situation. I think you should talk to your parents tho. As a parent if my kids came to me with this, Id at least take them to their DR. Best of luck to you.

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