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IMonee , 20 Jul 2012


Hi. Or should I say Hello. I am a 14-year old girl. I'm starting high school in less than 5 weeks. All my life I felt different from other people. I used to be snobby and uptight. I started picking at my face around Summer 2011. It's progressed to the point that, I have scars on my forehead, temple, above my lip, my cheek, my dimples, my nose, and my chin. During 8th grade, my mother made me cover up with makeup to hide these scars. I look at my face in the mirror and just stare because I've become horrified. Recently my mom's been taking me to a dermatologist who stares at my face. Now I know what your thinking. This girl's probably a crazy, ugly psychopath. But, I'm not. I'm actually really pretty without looking at my scars. The Dermatologist didn't know why I had the scars, and I didn't want her to know. I also have scars on my arms and legs from playing outside a lot when I was younger. She gave me a bleaching for those that I gladly thank her for. But for my face....she didn't have anything. So she gave my mom a number to a laser surgery place. I'm scared what their response will be to my face. I'm African American, so the lady Dermatologist they MIGHT have something for me. I feel like crying when I see my reflection. So first, I'm going to try stopping for a whole week. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

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